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10 essential wardrobe pieces

Hello my fellow fashionistas!

Do you ever open your wardrobe, which is overflowing with clothes, and still use the phrase “Damn, i have nothing to wear!”? Well, if yes, this article is for you! The main reason for you feeling this way, might be the fact that you don’t own many basic pieces to build a combination with. Basic pieces (as is explained by the word itself) are the clothes that you usually wear as the base of your outfit. Then, you can add your favorite statement pieces of clothing, in order to make your style unique, but yet simple and chic. Below you will find the 10 essential wardrobe pieces that in my opinion work the best!

10 Essential Wardrobe Pieces:

1. White t-shirtwhite tee

What’s more simple and basic than a tee? The possibilities with it are literally endless! Depending on your mood, you can either wear it with sweatpants for a more sporty look, or dress it up with a pencil skirt and some heels. Just one important tip! Since this is a very simple piece, whenever you choose to wear it, your outfit will be more on the casual side than the formal one, so keep that always in mind. Mine on the photo is from Zara. You can find a similar one here or here.


pencil skirt2. Black Pencil Skirt

You can elevate any outfit from casual to formal, with a black pencil skirt. Also, it is a timeless piece that won’t go out of style soon. Find the style that suits you best and either pair it with a shirt and high heels, or with a simple tee and sneakers and you’re ready to go! Mine here is from Stradivarius from a previous season, but you can find one everywhere! You can find three of my favorite styles here , here and here.





3. Shirtshirt

It doesn’t matter if it is a white or a printed one, but a shirt is such an essential piece for your closet. It is so easy to wear and makes your look so sophisticated. A shirt can be great for the office, as well as a casual stroll in the evening. Depending on your mood you can either tuck it into a skirt or pair it with jeans and a long cardigan. There are literally so many ways to wear it! This one is from the winter collection of Zara, but you can find a similar here. Also, a white colored (here)  is a good choice or a patterned one (here or here).



blue jeansblack pants4. Blue Jeans

I don’t think i need to say much for the most timeless and “never out of fashion” piece, which is a pair of blue jeans. There are a million ways to style them as well as a million occasions to wear it! I suggest investing in a good quality pair of jeans.

5. Black Pants

…same goes for a pair of black pants! Here you can find a pair i’m a fan of, in a variety of colors.


6. Black Blazerblack blazer

I feel it is something every woman should have in their closet. It makes any casual look a bit more tailored, so it is very important to invest in such a staple piece in a classic line and good quality. Keep in mind that you can have fun with it. It doesn’t always have to be a part of a suit, but you can wear it with a dress, a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, with a skirt etc. This one is from Zara (you can still find it), but a similar one is here.





Leather Jacket7. Leather/Moto Jacket

It’s a layering piece like the blazer, but it gives a more relaxed and edgy look. It is a transitional piece that you can wear mostly on fall or spring (generally on days that are cold, but not too cold). You can wear it over a dressy outfit to tone it down, or a casual one to make it look cooler. 😛 Mine is made by real leather from Massimo Duty (i thought buying such a material would make it last more) but i suggest buying a good quality faux leather. It is much cheaper and is going to last for ages as well. You can find a million jackets out there, but one i recommend is here.



8. Trench Coattrench coat

Well, there are many different trench coat designs you can buy nowadays. It’s a piece that protects you from the rain and the wind, but at the same time is very classic, sophisticated and very stylish. You can wear it with a tank top and jeans, with a casual or a formal dress, high heels or sneakers etc.. Literally with anything you can imagine and feel that is closer to your style. I’m a fan of the Burberry trench coats, but i don’t have one (yet 😛 ), so i picked mine from Zara some seasons ago. A similar can be found here.





Tank TopWhite Tank9. Black/White Tank

Tank tops are as basic and simple as the white tees, but a bit more on the feminine side. They are perfect for special occasions where the tees are too casual. You can also wear them for everyday looks and that’s their advantage. They are very versatile and great, especially for summertime. I like to pair them with denim shorts, high waisted pants and skirts. This is what i basically wear every single day in the summer. Mine in the photos are from Zara (black) and Massimo Duty (white – still available), but you can find them everywhere!


10. LBD-Little Black Dresslbd

How could i not include the lbd? No one can deny that the lbd (or little black dress) is a very popular and timeless piece that can be styled in every possible way. Pair it with sneakers and a flannel tied around your waist for an everyday look, or with high heels and a pretty coat for a more special occasion and off you go! The one that i chose today is a casual one that i bought from Stradivarius a season ago, but there are many different styles and textures to choose from and some of my favorites are here, here and here.



As you can see, most of the 10 essential wardrobe pieces that are in this post are from previous seasons and that proves that they are always in style! You can never go wrong with a staple. Just remember to buy only good quality ones (not necessarily expensive), so that you can have them forever! Hope today’s article could bring some peace to the chaos that happens when you open your wardrobe next time. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow our facebook and instagram pages!

See you in my next post!





My name is Kate and i like to photograph and write about things that inspire me and help my creativity unroll.

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  1. Hi Kate,
    This is so me. I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear. I buy a cute dress only to find out later that I have nothing to match it with. Definitely gave me some ideas for my next shopping trip. LBD isn’t in my wardrobe yet. And I can see a pattern of black and white here, guess these colors are easy to match with anything.
    Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hello Zuzana! Definitely add a little black dress in your closet! Black and white are the easiest colors to mix and match and look put together and stylish! 😉

  2. Hey Kate

    Thank you for the useful tips – finally I have found the reason for “I have nothing to wear” even though my waredrobe is full 🙂 I am a huge fan of dresses so majority of my waredrobe are dresses but I must admit I don’t have my little black dress yet. I love one of your recommendations of LBD – Nine West Women’s Ruched-Waist Madelyn Dress – this is really cool and at affordable price on Amazon. This is coming to me 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. Hi Arta!
      Thank you for your comment! I must say that after following the “rules” regarding the staple pieces i rarely have the issue of having nothing to wear! Yes, i find the Nine West dress very elegant and chic and easy to style! 😉

  3. Nice writing. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Very useful article you have here! Thank you for the tips!

    1. Glad to help 🙂

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