Fall Winter 2017 Trends + Personal Tip

fall winter 2017 trends

Hello my beautiful¬†friends! Autumn¬†gracefully made its appearance and I couldn’t be more excited! Not because the endless hours spent¬†on the beach or the traveling around the beautiful Greek islands will come to an end, but because I’m about to slowly add some new transitional¬†fall pieces in my closet! Let’s¬†be honest here. You are starting to […]

Don’t know what to do after college – Struggles and Thoughts

don't know what to do after college

Hello¬†guys! What’s up? A few days ago¬†i¬†learned that¬†i‘m¬†graduating from college. So, while¬†i¬†was dressing up to go for a celebration dinner (outfit photos below)¬†i¬†started overthinking (as¬†i¬†always do): “Great Kate, but now what?”, “How is your life going to be from now on?”, “Should¬†you find a job?”¬†, “Should¬†you continue your studies?”, “Should¬†you allow yourself to have a […]

Navy Blue Button Down Shirt – Outfit of the Day

navy blue button down shirt

Hello¬†beauties! What’s up? In today’s¬†post, we finally welcome summer in a way that is appropriate. So behold for the first summer outfit of this blog. I’m so excited for it because i was starting to get impatient with the mood swings of the weather. Therefore, since my mood¬†is reflected in my outfits,¬†i¬†didn’t have the chance […]