Feeling unsatisfied with your looks? Has creativity drained from you? Have you got an important event to attend and have no idea what to wear? You want to dress to impress, but your budget is not making it easy? Worry no more. You are in the right place!

Sparkle And The City launched in 2017 as a place for fashion enthusiasts, to gather and find useful tips, advice, new creative ideas and news about the latest trends. After a while, the spectrum of topics widened a bit, but fashion is still remaining the most important of all.

So, if you love fashion, style and care about the way you present your self to the world, then you are exactly where you need to be. On this website, you’ll find tutorials, style ideas, beauty tips and advice related to our favorite topic. You can always send me your ideas or ask for my advice. The point is to share our thoughts and learn more from each other.

A few words about me

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I am Kate, a fashion, beauty and travel freak.

Since I was little I would always find my self fascinated by the world of fashion. I loved to take a glimpse at the pages of magazines and I always looked up to the women of the family that were fashion-forward. I even organized my own catwalk shows using an old camera of my father and my younger sister as a model (I don’t know why she still talks to me 😛 ). When I grew more, I gathered my best friends and we did “professional photoshoots” and “fashion shows” styling each other. I still remember the outfit I created when I “attended” the Oscars. 😛

As I grew, my free time was becoming limited and the things I had to do more. This blog started as a place to express my creativity which was suppressed by my everyday life, studies, and 9-5 job. When, after a lot of fear and doubt, I finally decided to sit down and write, it was the best feeling ever. I felt liberated and realized that this was the perfect place to express myself. When everything in my life went wrong I knew that there will always be this corner for me and this thought was enough to make me feel better.

Today you will find me constantly learning more about this topic and always being up to date with the latest fashion news. I’m always trying to improve my photography (with which up to this day I struggle a lot), trying new styles and expanding the variety of topics I write about. With that being said you can expect nothing other than quality, informative and helpful content here!

I really hope you join me and enjoy this crazy trip 😛

Welcome to Sparkle And The City!


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