Why you need to buy the camel coat right now

If you are in the hunt for the perfect winter coat and you feel lost in the endless options, then you are in the right place. Many of us buy fast fashion and follow the current trends, but most likely the majority of them will be outdated in zero time. So, let’s assume that you want to spend your money on something that you’ll love for more than a few years. Then you definitely need to invest in a classic coat. This is nothing other than a camel coat. Want to know more reasons why you need to buy the camel coat this winter? Keep reading!

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Why you need to buy the camel coat right now

I’m not in denial of fast fashion and I very often succumb to it, however investing in wardrobe staples hasn’t proved me wrong so far, that’s why I still believe that they should have a priority in your wishlist over fast fashion items.

A camel coat is definitely one of them. If you don’t already own one and you are in the hunt for a winter coat, I suggest you consider it as your first option. It has been a popular wardrobe staple for a really long time and has never viewed as outdated or unfashionable. And there are some pretty obvious reasons for that.

It is timeless

As previously mentioned it is a timeless piece that most likely will never be considered outdated in the years to come. Pairing it with trendy pieces will only take it one step further making it fabulous, yet still classic and chic.


It’s a wardrobe staple that can be both dressy and casual. You can dress it down for everyday occasions by just wearing jeans, sneakers and a tee, but you can also wear it in formal events with dressier clothes. It’s up to you and no matter which outfit you go for you’ll look like you have your things together when it comes to your personal style.


Unlike other coat types that are considered fashionable to wear during winter, this one is not only stylish, but it is actually really warm and can protect you from the freezing temperatures. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for style and vise versa. Especially if you choose one that is made out of wool and not synthetic materials.

Neutral Colored

It will work with everything you choose to wear because of its neutral color. You can pair it with bright colors or muted ones and of course, you can even go for a monochromatic look. And we all know that monochromatic looks with neutral colors make us look well dressed, put together and chic.

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What to look when buying a camel coat

When buying and investing in staple pieces there are several factors to consider in order to make a successful purchase. The quality, the price, the cut are some of them. If you want these pieces to last for years, since they’ll never go out of style, you need to spend some more time in order to find the one.

daniel wellington watchThe quality – It might be tempting to go for a cheaper coat of poorer quality, however, I suggest you don’t succumb to this temptation. In the long run, a good quality coat is much more worthy. Prefer natural materials, like wool which are generally durable, provide good insulation and have a smaller environmental impact compared to synthetic ones. Also, don’t forget to check the lining and finishes of the coat. These are also some good indicators that show the quality of a garment.

The price– In order to find something decent, you’ll be required to pay a little more. However, if you think of all the years you’ll be having it in your closet, then I think you’ll understand why it’s worth investing in a pricier one. Beware though. Don’t be deceived by a high price tag. It must meet other criteria as well in order to worth it.

The length– Depending on your personal taste you can choose a knee-length coat or a shorter one. Definitely, go for the one you feel better and more confident when looking in the mirror.

The fit– The same goes for the fit. I’m sure we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable coat that leaves no room for layering tops and sweaters underneath. Make sure to have that in mind when looking for the one.

The cut–  When choosing a coat it’s also good to take into account your body type. Try to determine where the bulk of the coat is and if that accentuates your figure or not.

The warmth– Let’s not forget about the elephant in the room. The basic thought when choosing your coat should be if it meets your needs during winter. Depending on the place you live, go for a coat that is protecting you from the low temperatures.

Below are the camel coats that made it in my Top 3 Picks:

camel coat winterNow that we’ve covered the reasons why you need to buy the camel coat (are you persuaded yet? 😛 ) we can talk a little about this super easy outfit I put together to prove that even with the most basic and simple clothes, a camel coat can make any outfit look a hundred times better in an instant. Plus due to its neutral color, it even looks good with black and grey, which is a combination that, until I tried myself, never thought that would look decent (I have a difficulty mixing warm with cold toned colors).


  • Camel Coat – Massimo Dutti
  • Bag – FRNC
  • Boots – Ugg
  • Grey Top – Gap
  • Black Turtleneck – Stradivarius
  • Jeans – Stradivarius
  • Bennie – Zara
  • Belt – Massimo Dutti
  • Watch – Daniel Wellington

I hope you understand now why you need to buy the camel coat. It’s a must for this winter season and all the ones to come. 😉

Question of the day – Which is a winter staple you can’t live without? Feel free to tell me in the comment section below.

See you in the next post. Till then take care!






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  1. Tamara J
    December 10, 2018 / 11:38 am

    I totally agree that the neutral color of a camel coat is versatile for mix and match and a very good point to consider when choosing to buy one.

    So a camel coat is not made from a camel, but rather from wool or synthetics? I really didn’t know that and I was hoping for something a lot more exquisite like a real camel coat from a real camel.

    So where did the name come from then?  Is it merely a name because of the color, or is it a fashion brand name? Do you think there are real camel coats out there in the fashion world that one could invest in? Sorry for all these questions, I recently started to be keen on fashion and I like to learn new things!

    • Kate
      December 10, 2018 / 3:31 pm

      Hi dear Tamara! No need to apologize! The name camel coat indeed came from the coats that were made from real camel hair. Garments made of camel hair were introduced by Jaeger, a British manufacturer that specialized in the use of fine woolen fabrics for coats and suits. But before that camel hair were used for tents, carpets and cloaks by the people in the areas where camels were kept. Of course, you can find coats made from real camel hair, but there are also a ton of options made from other delicate materials like cashmere for example. I hope this information helped a little. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hannah
    December 10, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    Hi Kate! Yeah, fast fashion has been an ongoing issue. But a classical winter coat is a must in any wardrobe. As you have stated, this is a classical and very versatile option.

    I agree with you, paying attention to quality, price, length, fit, cut and warmth. I enjoy reading your reviews because you always point out very useful tips!

    • Kate
      December 10, 2018 / 3:32 pm

      I’m glad to hear that dear!

  3. Eugen
    December 10, 2018 / 11:34 am

    Hi Kate,

    This is going to be an amazing Christmas present for my girlfriend. She wanted something like this for a while. As well as you I honestly believe that this kind of a fashion is timeless, just like suits for men. Can you also advise in regards to quality? I mean when I actually walk into the shop how do I recognize the quality of it?

    I have absolutely no clue what to look at if I have my hands on it


    • Kate
      December 10, 2018 / 2:35 pm

      Hello dear Eugen. It would indeed make a nice Christmas present for your girlfriend, I think she will appreciate it.
      When you find a coat that you like you should check the label and see the materials that it is made from. I suggest you prefer natural ones like wool or even real camel hair. You can also check the lining and finishes of the coat. Usually, these are great quality indicators when we choose clothes.
      I hope I helped 🙂

  4. Emmanuel Buysse
    December 10, 2018 / 11:47 am

    Great post and good info.

    This looks like the coat for my wife, it is getting cold outside, and she only has a light jacket, so I don’t want she gets cold or get sick.

    I will give this coat as a christmas present for her, she will be so happy!

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

    • Kate
      December 11, 2018 / 12:49 am

      Hi Emmanuel! You are very caring with your wife and that’s great. A camel coat would be the perfect gift for Christmas, especially if she hasn’t a warm coat for winter. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. mzakapon
    December 10, 2018 / 11:56 am

    Hi kate, This is a great post with resourceful information about camel coat. I believe this coat is enough warm to protect in cold weather.I feel it looks beautiful also. But I have few question in my mind that is it available for ladies only? How much price will it be and is it possible to buy online from any country? Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Kate
      September 25, 2019 / 2:46 am

      Hello! Of course, men can wear it too. There is a range of prices from very affordable to extremely expensive ones, but that will depend on your budget and style. You can find many sites online that sell nice quality camel coats.

  6. Hollie Rose
    December 10, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Camel and tan coloured clothing are my favourite colours. I have a beautiful camel suede skirt and like the coat its timeless. I love how it doesn’t go out of fashion. The coats you’ve picked are really nice. I like the middle range one the best. The luxury one is really pretty, but I don’t feel like I could pull off that look very well. It’s the kind of coat I can imagine Victoria Beckham wearing!

    • Kate
      December 11, 2018 / 12:42 am

      Hahaha! You’re right, I could definitely see Victoria Beckham wearing the 3rd coat indeed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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